1303rd PAF Dental Dispensary: Bridging Borders and Making A Difference

   The PAF Flight Plan 2028 of AETDC envisions to be a leading aerospace training institution in Southeast Asian Region.

   In support to Air Education, Training and Doctrine Command (AETDC) undertaking, the 1303rd PAFDD as the primary oral health care provider of this Command created its own strategic flight plan that will certainly assist the AETDC in attaining its goals. Having the mission of providing dental attendance to military personnel of Air Education, Training and Doctrine Command, their dependents and civilian employees, the unit looking forward as a professional and well equipped Dental Service competently responsive to the dental health needs of AETDC Personnel.

   For the period of 01 August 2016 to 31 March 2017, the following are the accomplishments of the 1303rd Philippine Air Force Dental Dispensary that transpired by which the main objective are presented on Personnel Career Enhancement and other functional areas including relevant programs and projects that sustained the mission of the 1303rd PAF Dental Dispensary. The men and women of the 1303rd PAF Dental Dispensary are committed to ensure that the oral health readiness of all military personnel of the Air Education, Training and Doctrine Command are par excellence. The dispensary takes pride in providing outstanding dental care and is dedicated to provide the best value dentistry by delivering quality care in an efficient, effective and patient-focused manner.

   The 1303rd PAF Dental Dispensary continues to utilize its personnel capability to the maximum and implement the rules and regulations in adherence to the policy of the AETDC as mandated by higher headquarters.

   To enhance the skill and ability of our military and civilian dentists and dental technicians, they attended various scientific seminars and conventions.

   Among these were: NADTI Convention, AFP Dental Service Regional and Scientific Seminar; AFPDS Family Conference and Scientific Seminar and AFPDS Continuing Education Seminar. These seminars are conducted to keep our military and civilian dentists abreast with the latest trends in modern dentistry. Moreover, various in-service trainings were also conducted during the period covered.

   The Community Outreach Program, also known as the Dental Civic Action Program, continues to showcase our concern for the welfare of the marginalized sector of the society. Dental missions are the most popular activities in the Civil Military Operations (CMO) in support to the IPSP BAYANIHAN of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

   The Dental Civic Action was conducted as a symbol of goodwill by way of reaching out and extending help to the said sector.

   The 1303rd PAF Dental Dispensary, being the dental health care provider of the Air Education, Training and Doctrine Command (AETDC), spreads awareness on the benefits of oral wellness to the AETDC Community by conducting its second Dental Health Fair 2017.