Innovation Strategy on Maintenance

   Year of 2016, as the vision has outlived the visionaries, was indeed the year of great opportunities for Air Education Training and Doctrine Command to attest that “Falling was just a part of process to accelerate and propel anyone to its new pinnacle”.

The 440th Aircraft Maintenance Group has undergone a histrionic evolution related to Organizational and Field Maintenance development, reconfiguring itself to a more reliant Aircraft Maintenance Unit that will provide high standard of quality and safety aircraft maintenance services for which AETDC stands for.

    Proper maintenance is of paramount importance to the proper operation of machine and equipment; Improvements of hangars with the capacity to house 40 trainer aircraft aids this Group to preserve carcasses of recoverable aircraft.

   Innovations of Metal Processing and Airframe repair shops are heighten to be capable of intensified repair on aircraft structural system. In the same manner, paint shops that improve the quality of aircraft repainting procedures with adherence to safety.

   The Group leadership took this task seriously and started to revamp the ways the Group does its work. Initially, the Group focused on the efficient and effective implementation of maintenance services. It encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built working environment by integrating people, systems, place, process, and advance technology.

   Given the challenges of the past, we are proud to say this is the “New 440th AMG—well equipped, modern & innovative!”