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The Air Power Institute Seal constitute different hues of Blue, which signifies the universal color of the Air Forces of the world. The seal is composed of two concentric circles outlined in Gold, with the inner circle divided into two halves horizontally and the name of the institution engraved at the outer circle.

The circular shape of the seal represents the Air Power encompassment of all forces for a military purpose utilizing a platform sustained in the third dimension, with the element of doctrines and air power awareness integral in its coming to full circle.

The three (3) stars represent the three major islands of the Philippine Archipelago: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The four (4) parallel lightings symbolize the four maxims of Air Power which are equally vital in the development and sustenance of a credible Air Force namely: Concurrent Campaigns, Unity, Professional Mastery and Balance.

The Philippine Territory in aerial view represents the coverage of Air power’s projection of the military force in the third dimension, which includes geographical space. It also represents the vital role of the API to the AFP.

The inner circle’s different shades of Blue symbolizes the third dimension—the aeronautical space of the Philippines where air power is projected. The upper half of the inner circle is a lighter hue of blue which represents the sky; the lower half is a darker hue of blue representing air power’s naval projection. The outer circle is royal blue which signifies the hue of blue best identified with the Philippine Air Force.

The Silver Airfoil is the general symbol of air navigation. It is also the configuration which best describes the shape of a wing or propeller blade capable of producing lift in different aircraft. As such, it depicts the capability and strength of an Air Force to soar to greater heights with the help of established doctrines as an integral part of its existence.

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