AETDC Vision

To be a leading Aerospace Education and Training Institution in the Region

AETDC Mission

To Educate and Train PAF Personnel in support of the PAF Mission


  1. Recruit fully qualified citizens for service in the Air Force.
  2. Administer basic training for officer and soldier candidates.
  3. Administer the conduct of military aviation training.
  4. Administer the conduct of pre-enlistment, pre-commissionship, career, technical, specialized and air power development courses.
  5. Develop and manage the command's maintenance and technical capability.
  6. Develop, manage and evaluate air power and aerospace doctrines and training systems.
  7. Operate and maintain regular recruitment and training centers.
  8. Manage the information technology-based system of the command.
  9. Manage and develop physical resources, assets and networks of the command.
  10. Administer morale, health, welfare and recreational services.
  11. Assist the community in emergency/socio-economic and environmental protection efforts.
  12. Manage and improve the command personnel administration system.