In its 68 years of existence, the Air Force Officer School (AFOS) has played a vital role in the professional development of each PAF officer. Since its creation, the AFOS is continuously developing as an educational institution of the Philippine Air Force. Constantly leading the charge and maintaining the momentum in organizational development. The school continuously performs its mandate of molding not only officers of good character but also managers who will eventually run the bottom half of the Air Force hierarchy effectively and efficiently. This year, the school celebrates the highlights of its major accomplishments for both operational and educational functions.

   As the sole provider of professional military enhancement courses, AFOS has reached great heights throughout the year. It was able to conduct various PME Courses vital for career development of every PAF Airmen.

  Noteworthy among the conduct of all these courses were the simultaneous conduct of SOC 2016A, BAFOC 2016A and BAFOC 2016B. These challenging times have tested the School’s training capacity by housing a total of three (3) Classes which is the highest number throughout the School’s history.

   Within the Squadron Officer Course (SOC) Program is a separate Academic Instructor Course (AIC) hence, the School has successfully conducted two (2) AICs together with its Squadron Officer Courses. Moreso, AIC was not only conducted to the students of SOC but also to other PAF personnel upon the request of their respective units. AIC was also conducted to the pilots of the Air Education and Training Command (AETDC) undergoing Flight Instructor Course (FIC), personnel of Non-Commissioned Officer School (NCOS) and even to the crew of FA50 in Clark Air Base, Pampanga

   An allied Strategic Planning Course CL-07-2016 offered to 29 officers from the different units of PAF was launched under direct guidance of the Office of the Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Plans, OA-5, from the Headquarters Philippine Air Force.

   The School has also successfully conducted various unit trainings to its personnel as well as interested members of other AETDC units. In total, the School facilitated six (6) seminars throughout the year with a total of 40 attendees for Faculty Development Seminar, Academic Instructor Seminar, Coaching and Mentoring Seminar, Curriculum Review Seminar, Gender Sensitive Parenting Seminar and 5S of Good Housekeeping Seminar. The high turn-out of students proved that these seminars are of great help towards individual and organizational development.