Oh, God, Supreme ruler of the universe and master of the destinies of men, hear us Thy children who have chosen for their adventurous ways the vastness of Thy skies.

Lend us Thy sword so that we may valiantly help fight Thy battles against the evil on earth. Endow us with clear visions so that we may not be blinded by the glitter of earthly glories; and let the breath of Thy wind upon our wings, blended with the thunder of our engines, drown out man’s selfish clamor from the earth below.

Teach us the real meaning of self-sacrifice and the unfailing love and devotion to Thee and our country so that our fighting spirits shall burn the seeds of cowardice and warm our hearts with bravery when we go to battle.

Guide our flights and touch our wings with Thy divine hands so that when the battles for Thy cause are over, we may fly back to the ones we love.

And when it is time for Thy wish to end our wondrous ways through the skies, take us to the glory of Thy domain in the heaven far above, to where our wings have failed to fly us.

Let us die gallantly without fear, hatred, nor misgiving – but with a simple and clear knowledge that we have done the best to Thee, our country, and our people.

All these for Thy glory on earth and on heaven, a small portion of Thy eternal kingdom, AMEN.