The Philippine Air Force Flying School conducted an assessment on the performance of the Junior Officers (2LT,1LT & CPT) who graduated from Military Pilot Training in the past three years (MPT CL 2013, CL 2014A, CL 2014B, CL 2015A, & CL 2015B). The purpose of the assessment survey was to determine the level of satisfaction of the stakeholders (different PAF Units) on the performance of the junior rated officers in terms of their attitudes, pilot’s skills and individual competencies acquired or reinforced by this school. The survey proper and interview started from 16 to 29 September 2016 to different flying units. The survey team was composed of 103RD Student Squadron personnel and other officers from AETDC headed by MAJ CRISOSTOMO A CAPULONG PAF, former Squadron Commander of 103RD SS.

   The survey has two statistical tools. First, is the quantitative tool using questionnaires on the survey. Second, the qualitative tool thru Focus Group Discussions (FGD) of junior Rated Officers and guide interview questions to senior Officers. The questionnaire is divided into two (2) types, for rated and non-rated personnel. As the Enlisted Personnel couldn’t rate the relevance of subject in MPT training but they can observed the officer’s attitude and competencies.

   The survey was the first stage under Analysis in the four (4) process of Curriculum Development. Data results shall be interpreted and developed before it will be implemented in the school. Basically the end results will recommend for possible revision of curriculum in MPT.