Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate School


The Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate School (PAFOCS) is the implementing arm in the conduct of training for PAF Officership. Its responsibilities lie in the proper preparation of the education and training environment such as instructors, curricula and facilities and the over-all training operations in the School. The program for officer procurement and selection of best qualified candidates are the responsibilities of the HPAF through OA-1.

The annual arrival of PAFOCS classes since 2008 set an opportunity for the school to unfold its essence to contribute in the human resource development activities being one of the primary thrust of the present Commanding General.

The importance of excellence is evident in the solid cooperation and abounding dedication being displayed by the personnel of this school in all endeavors.

The commanding mandate for the PAFOCS is to intensively provide a responsive training environment for the PAFOCS and POTC classes. This is a mandate which is complemented with full throttle preparations and performances of the PAFOCS personnel as they brace for the holistic training of the future leaders of the Philippine Air Force and the Armed Forces of the Philippines as well.

The School's mission is to educate and train Officer Candidates to qualify them to become officers of the Philippine Air Force. To meet this challenging task, the unit establishes the following functions to make sure that this set goal is accomplished:

  • Conduct military education and training to officer candidates
  • Develop education and training plans, doctrines, curricula and undertake researches
  • Assist the command in the processing of prospective officer candidates
  • Provide command, control and administration to organic personnel and Officer Candidates
  • Provide administrative, logistics and other services
  • Provide and maintain school facilities